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Worldwide-USA.com (Worldwide Products Inc.) announces an industry exclusive.
Instant Stitch Estimator - saves you & us days of communications.
Even if you have your logo already digitized and you know the # of
stitches - you may want to resize the design therefore altering your # of stitches & cost.
This patent pending process eliminates the need to pass art files
back & forth while specialist quote you the number of stitches & therefore the cost of your embroidery.
(Embroidery Pricing)No Tape Charge (for 36 or greater)
Screen Printing
Announcing the industry's best Apparel Design Site.
- Greater than 5000+ apparel products to choose from - compare to 5-20 products at most other sites.
- Greatest selection and flexibilty of clip art, images and text fonts.
    Currently we have 15,000+ clip art images an additional 200,000+ clip arts will be added within 1 week.
    "fully editable Color Clip Arts" Most other design sites usualy have single color art or
    If they do have multi color clipart most do not let you change the colors they have.
- Best product pricing - we do not charge a premium for creating your design here.
    While some sites entice you with quote "Free Shipping" they build it into their higher product prices.
- an industry exclusive (patent pending)
    embroidery "Instant Stitch Estimator"™ - saves you and us days of communications.
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Outside Art
Upload Your Own.

On the web you can locate a vast selection of art - below are just a few resources.

Search Engines
Google Imageshttp://images.google.com/Click on options - then clip art - medium to large size is best
Bing Imageshttp://www.bing.com/imagesChoose style as illustration - medium to large size is best
Yahoo Imageshttp://images.search.yahoo.comChoose More Filters - - medium to large size is best (has some license filtering)
Free Sites
www.clker.comhttp://www.clker.com/40,000+ royalty free public domain clip art
Commercial Clip Art companies - single use or subscription based - Here are some with the best selections and interfaces.
www.GraphicsFactory.comhttp://www.graphicsfactory.com/1,031,967 Images $19.95/one month - $39.95/year
www.Clipart.comhttp://www.clipart.com/10,000,000 Images $14.95/one week - $159.95/year
www.iClipart.comhttp://www.iclipart.com/7,800,000 Images $12.95/one week - $49.95/year
www.DreamsTime.comhttp://www.dreamstime.com/8,329,532 images 8 images $9.99 300 images $128.99
www.Fotolia.comhttp://us.fotolia.com/8,670,499 images $12 gets you 2-4 images (depending on size/quality)

By uploading you are guaranteeing:
1.) You have either purchased permission to use the art for your order with us.
2.) It is a public domain art (just because you see it on the web does not mean it is public domain)
3.) You will indemnify Worldwide Products Inc. & Worldwide-USA.com from any claims, even if we fail to ask you for additional proof of permission.
4.) If we have doubts we may require you to send us written proof of permission, especially for Company Logo's & known Licensed entities (Sports Teams, etc).

The following organization's explanation is useful http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses

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Rotate Object
Objects may be rotated from 0 to 360 degree angle. Choose counter clockwise or clockwise. If it is not what you like you can hit the opposite button to reverse or add additional degrees (it will rotate incrementally).

Rotate Angle

For now when you rotate text it will clear any text effect you have applied. Call 800-280-4635 for assistance.
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To change quantities & garment colors.
Use 'Add Text' button to add text or edit existing text.
Then use the format buttons to adjust the text font, color, and outline.
Text Effects - Arched Text: Once text is arched it cannot be formatted. To format arched text, remove the arch and then format and then arch. (more Text Effects coming soon).
Add images from our clipart collection or upload your own images or logo.
Then use the color swap to lower the # of colors.
Especially usefull for screen printing where the # colors affects the number of screens (1 per color) & color runs.
4 Choose your decorating method.
5 Name & Save your design or Name & Checkout.
For further assistance please call 800-280-4635
or use the "Have A Question?" (chat link) in the upper right.

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Products - Colors, Sizes, & Quantities
Gildan Adult Short-Sleeve Dryblend T-Shirt (Gildan 8000)
White: $2.57
Color: $3.26

Youth Short Sleeve 6.1 oz. Heavyweight Tee (Anvil 905B)
White: $2.55
Color: $3.17

Gildan - Ultra Cotton 100% Cotton T-Shirt (Gildan 2000)
White: $2.48
Color: $3.21

5.6 oz. Heavy Cotton Adult Tee Shirt (Fruit of the Loom 3930)
White: $2.39
Color: $2.87

5.4 oz. 50/50 Best Tee Shirt (Fruit of the Loom 5930)
White: $2.42
Color: $3.51

Adult Short Sleeve 6.1 oz. Heavyweight Tee (Anvil 979)
White: $2.49
Color: $3.27

100% Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt (Gildan 5000)
White: $2.88
Color: $3.49
Color: $3.51

100% Cotton Essential T-Shirt (Port & Company PC61)
White: $3.27
Color: $4.06

Men's Heavyweight Blend Adult T-Shirt (Jerzees 29M)
White: $2.83
Color: $3.50

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