(Worldwide Products Inc.) announces the industry's best design site.
- Greater than 5000+ products to choose from - compare to 5-20 products at most other sites.
- Greatest selection & flexibilty of clip art, image and text fonts.
Currently we have 150,000+ clip art images.
"fully editable Color Clip Arts" Most other design sites usualy have single color art or
If they do have multi color clipart most do not let you change the colors they have.
- Best product pricing - we do not charge a premium for creating your design here.
While some sites entice you with quote "Free Shipping" they build it into their higher product prices.
- an industry exclusive (patent pending)
embroidery "Instant Stitch Estimator"™ - saves you & us days of communications. (Worldwide Products Inc.) announces an industry exclusive.
Instant Stitch Estimator™ saves you & us days of communications.
Even if you have your logo already digitized and you know the # of stitches - you may want to resize the design therefore altering your # of stitches & cost.
This patent pending process eliminates the need to pass art files back & forth while specialist quote you the number of stitches & therefore the cost of your embroidery.
We can create a customized
*Free Company Store* for your
company, organization or charity.
Your site can be active within 1- 2
-- ++
Now hiring account representatives!
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